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August 10, 2021 3 min read

 Faux leather/ PU leather / Synthetic leather. What is PU leather and what are they used for?

Synthetic leather or faux leather is a characteristic of fabric that imitates real leather in feels, look and texture, and can be used for Upholstery, bag making, crafts and many more.  Synthetic leather is commonly made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PU (Polyurethane).  These are readily available in many designs and colours and can be used for anything and everything from Jackets and shoes to handbags, wallets, furniture and tabletops.

Polyurethane is a man-made chemical that in the past used to be used for heavy-duty industrial purposes as it is a durable and long-lasting material. However, nowadays it is used for the production of synthetic leather. Due to this quality, synthetic leathers are also durable and long-lasting compared to most other synthetic leathers or PVC leathers.



PU leather or synthetic leather is a material intended to substitute for real leather. Real leather can be very expensive and not always the right choice for many projects, this is where PU leather comes in. PU leather is very cheap to make and produce, much easier to use as most of the PU leathers are much softer and easier to work around bends and corners. PU leather is simply a base layer of fabric which can be either cotton or polyester or a blend of both and then coated with Polyurethane which gives it the infamous leather effect, leather look.  


 Benefits of using PU leather;

  • PU leather is much cheaper and cost-effective therefore cheaper to purchase.
  • Much easier to manufacture.
  • More readily available.
  • PU does not absorb water which makes these much easier to look after and clean.
  • They are available in many colours and designs.
  • PU leather does not dry over time, unlike real leather.
  • A much more sustainable material as it takes much fewer resources to make.
  • Much easier to cut, work with and bend around shapes.
  • They are waterproof and can also protect whatever it is used to cover.



These leathers can be used for any project, indoor or outdoor where real leather can be used plus any projects where waterproofing is required.  Some examples are given below:

  • Clothing (Jacket, Shoes, trousers Patchwork, straps, etc.)
  • Furniture (Sofa, Chairs, headboards, seat covers, table covers, chairs seat covers cushion covers, patchwork, etc.)
  • Crafts (Bags, wallet, hand bands, straps, belts, leather bracelets, tool holders and holsters, etc.)



PU leather is made from a fabric layer and PU coating which makes these fabrics already waterproof. The waterproof quality of these stops any liquid from seeping through which ultimately protects your sofa, furniture and anything else it is used for.  They are easily cleaned by the use of mild detergents or just simply by wiping them with a damp cloth. It is advised to not keep the leather under direct sunlight for too long as this could affect the material.  However, there are some products available that will cover the surface and protect it against high temperatures and sunlight.


Bottom line

PU leather or synthetic leather is also known as artificial leather or faux leather is much cheaper to come by. They are readily available and in various colours and designs, unlike real leather. Easy to work with cut or clean.  Does not require many skills to work with and has much less maintenance compared to other synthetic leather or real leather. They are also waterproof which will protect anything it is used for from water and liquid damage.


Where can you order?

We have two different types of PU leather, one smooth and with very fine textures and the other one is with texture and grain effects.  We are the cheapest in the market and offer various types of discounts. We have many colours to choose from. We offer a free sample which you can request. By requesting a free sample, you always have the option of checking and feeling the fabric in person at no cost to you. 


Where to order and request a free sample, details have been provided below



Product name: Faux leather fabric-waterproof
Product Code: AEMFLM6689

    To request a free sample, please click Free Sample    


Product name: Grained Faux leather, heavy-duty Textured Fabric-waterproof
Product code: AEMTLM4479

    To request a free sample, please click Free Sample    


Note: Concerning their weight and durability, these fabrics are suitable for upholstery however if you intend to cover furniture, you may require fire retardant treatment according to British Safety Standard (FR) and obtain a certificate.
khalid khan
khalid khan

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