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August 04, 2021 5 min read

Your solutions to waterproofing, What do you need to know?


Even though rain can be a blessing, sometimes, it can also be annoying to deal with especially our outdoor lifestyle. For this reason, here we have provided a list of outdoor fabrics, for making projects such as gazebo, pergola, curtains, bags cushion covers and many more. Here we discuss how they are made, their features and some of the outdoor uses and ideas you might need to get you going.



Rain is a huge part of daily life in the United Kingdom and so it plays a huge role in our day to day activities. Since the UK is close to the path of the polar front Jet stream, frequent changes in pressure and unsettled weather is typical throughout the year. Even in summer weather when we can have a good sunny day in the morning and within span of a few hours, we can expect to have mild to heavy showers.  We can experience many types of weather in a single day,  however; in general, the weather is cool and often cloudy with rain.

Rain is a blessing, however, in some circumstances, it can be a nightmare to deal with, especially when it comes to our outdoor life, if it’s on the road, our day to day travel, work environment or even our own back garden where we would like to spend some quality times with friends and family in the comforts of our privacy.

Waterproofing and water proof fabrics can be an ideal solution for many of these circumstances. From waterproof covers, curtains and cushions to waterproof tarps, clothing and many more. They can also be an ideal solution for many of our wearable’s, from bags that can hold our belonging to jackets.


What are waterproof fabrics?


Waterproof fabrics are materials specifically designed to stop water from reaching and ultimately damaging our belongings. They are specially designed to keep the water away and keep everything they are covering dry. These could be anything and anywhere.

Here we will discuss some of the waterproof fabrics available, what they are, and how they are used?

How are waterproof fabrics made?

Waterproof fabrics are usually made as a plain sheet of fabric and then one side is coated with waterproofing material. There are many types of fabrics that are used such as cotton and Polyester. The issue with Cotton waterproof fabrics is that they are coated only on one side, the other side once it is exposed; it can absorb the water from rain and can be challenging to keep them dry. The fabrics we have are made from Polyester and they have high water, wind and environmental resistance compared to plant-derived fibre materials.

There are various types of coating which are applied to fabrics in order to make them waterproof, however, there are 3 which are used commonly; polyester urethane (PU), polyether urethane (PE), and silicone, and combinations thereof.


Types of waterproof fabrics:

Here we have 3 types of waterproof fabric and they are available in many different colours.



(Heavy Duty Thick Waterproof Canvas Cordura Type 20oz)

(A beautiful set of cushion covers made by one of our dear customers)


Canvas fabric is generally the thickest waterproof fabric available. These are made from polyester and are 20oz. They usually come on a roll of 150 cm wide and 20-25 meters long. The canvas fabric is generally used for outdoor projects. These are heavier and more wind and environmentally resistant. These are made from interwoven polyester fibres and coated on one side. The waterproof coating on one side gives you the option of having a waterproof fabric and still maintaining its natural look.


The canvas fabric can be used for anything outdoor you can think of where there is a need for a waterproof fabric. However, these are generally used for; outdoor cushions and furniture, Gazebo, Campervans, Banners, bunting,  Swing seat covers, Luxury Rattan garden seat covers, outdoor curtains, waterproof covers, pergola cover, swimming pool covers, Hammock, Privacy covers,  windbreak panels, wall panels, waterproof pet beds and cushions.

Nylon Look:

(Nylon Look Fabric Waterproof 5oz Gaiters Material)

Nylon look is the intermediate fabric between the canvas and ripstop fabric. It is 5oz and comes in 50 meters long rolls by 1.5 meters wide. These are made from polyester and are coated on one side. These are generally used for anything outdoor and are a lighter alternative to canvas fabric.





These can be used for anything you can use the canvas for as long as you are looking for something lighter in weight. These are also softer to work with and might be a bit easier on your sewing machine. Apart from the uses mentioned for canvas, these are also usually used for making waterproof bags and jackets. 









(Ripstop Fabric 3.8oz Nylon Look)

These ripstop fabrics are made from polyester and are 3.8oz. Despite being so lightweight, they are made with special reinforcing techniques that make them resistant to tearing and ripping. During the weaving, reinforcement yarns are interwoven at regular intervals in crosshatch pattern.



(A beautiful set of curtains made by one of our dear customer)


These are also generally used for any outdoor projects you can think of however, they are usually used for kites, free-flight models, Camping equipment such as lightweight tents, sleeping bags and camping hammock tents. Other common applications are swags, flags, banners, backpacks, bags, curtains and panels.



Depending on the project requirements, these can be either sewed on domestic sewing machines, glued using adhesives or stapled. These are easy to cut and work with, easy to manipulate and form around shapes.


Where can you order?

We have all 3 of these fabrics described above. We are the cheapest in the market and offer various types of discounts. We have many colours to choose from. We offer a free samples which you can request. By requesting a free sample, you always have the option of checking and feeling the fabric in person at no cost to you. 


Where to order and request a free sample, details have been provided below



Product Name: Heavy Duty Thick Waterproof Canvas Cordura Type 20oz
Product Code: AEMHDM9985

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Product Name: Nylon Look Fabric Waterproof 5oz Gaiters Material
Product Code: AEMNLM4456

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Product Name: Ripstop Fabric 3.8oz Nylon Look
Product Code: AEMRSM7828

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khalid khan

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